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Family Park, St. Margarethen

This tourist attraction in Burgenland is popular with children and adults alike. Covering an area of 145,000 square metres, it is Austria’s largest leisure and family park. Founded in 1968, the park has borne its present name since 2015. The park’s mascot, Tomcat Filippo, is no stranger to us either, as he adorns almost all articles we’ve had the privilege to realise for Familypark St. Margarethen.

Project: Aluminium foils, bath towels, tin cans, block bottom bags, take-away coffee cups, desert plates made from bagasse, dressing cups, ice-cream cups, ice-cream spoons, flag party-picks, food trays, cling wraps, restaurant umbrellas, pastry bags, glass smoothie-bottles, hair hoops with ears, towel rolls, towel dispensers, wooden cutlery, cardboard cups for cold drinks, cash-register rolls, kebab bags, plastic cutlery, meal boxes, menu plates made from sugar cane, garbage bags, nitrile gloves, noodle boxes, clear PET cups, PP cutlery for kids, PP meal-set (cup/bowl/plate), reusable PP cups, PP cups, paper plates, pizza boxes, chip forks, cleaning-cloth rolls, rain ponchos, salad bowls, snap bracelets, napkins, slush yard cups, sun shades for side windows in cars, dispenser napkins, Styrofoam cups, tote bags, drink-mix cups, drinking straws, pin wheels, sugar bags.

Duran Sandwiches, Vienna

Finally! Someone earning their bread and butter by actually feeding us bread—sandwiches that is. And they’ve been doing so since 1966, when Duran opened their first branch in Vienna. Ever since then, the company has been delighting customers with sandwiches, warm meals and—at least to some extent—due to the many solutions we have been able to develop for them.

Project: BePulp trays, beer coasters, organic sealing foil, organic pulp-trays, gourmet-food cups, household boxes, cash-register rolls, garbage bags, non-woven PP tote-bags, paper plates, cleaning-cloth rolls, invoice pads, napkins, dispenser napkins, soup boxes, toilet paper, tote bags made of 100% biodegradable and compostable material according to UNI EN 13432:2002 standard, UNI trays.

Parémi Patisserie, Vienna

If you want to eat authentic croissants or baguettes, you no longer have to travel to France. A visit to this friendly bakery in downtown Vienna is enough. To ensure that all the delicacies arrive safely at home, we have taken care of the packaging materials, tote bags, and more.

Project: Alcohol-based quick disinfection, baking parchment, baguette & pastry bags, floor cleaners, take-away coffee cups, stainless steel polish, cling wraps, glass cleaner, manual dish washing-liquid, washing lotion for hands, kitchen cleaner, Moplefan blanks, garbage bags, nitrile gloves, paper towels, paper tote-bags, cleaning-cloth rolls, stirring sticks, salad boxes, napkins, detergent, soup boxes, thermal rolls (cash-register rolls), toilet paper, heavy duty washing-agent, floor squeegees, scrubbing brushes, wiping cloths.

Querfeld Family, Landtmann, Vienna

When talking about Viennese coffee house culture, you are probably referring to the traditional Café Landtmann that the Querfeld family runs. In addition to celebrities from the worlds of culture and politics, you’ll also find incredibly good food and the finest patisserie here—and of course ASP products as well.

Project: Baking parchment, cellophane bags, clips, ladies’ head covers, decorative balls, refreshing tissues, flag party-picks, Gastronorm trays, cupcake liners, gold cardboard, tempered-glass foils, tissue paper, Petit Fours cardboard boxes, Moplefan blanks, garbage bags, nitrile gloves, pallet wrapping foils, paper towels, paper bags, paper tote-bags, cleaning-cloth rolls, waste paper, napkins, sealing foils, cornets made from artificial parchment, toilet paper, cake boards, cake doilies, vacuum bags, fleece coats, shoe covers.

Bitzinger, Vienna

Sausages are great. Especially, when we supply one of the most popular sausage stands in Vienna. But the Bitzinger family’s business has also grown in recent years—as has our range of products, our passion and our love for Käsekrainer with hot mustard.

Project: Aluminium foils, beer coasters, chafing fuels, refreshing tissues, flag party-picks, cling wraps, wooden chip-forks, garbage bags, paper tote-bags, cardboard trays, paper plates, cleaning-cloth rolls, napkins, drinking straws, vacuum bags, wine bags made from burlap.

Konditorei Aida, Vienna

A childhood memory that accompanies you into old age. Aida is an institution and we are proud to be able to add our own chapter to this piece of Viennese history with our products and packaging. A pink dream come true for us.

Project: Baking parchment, take-away coffee cups, ice-cream cups, ice-cream spoons, flag party-picks, cling wraps, pastry bags, tissue paper, Moplefan, garbage bags, paper plates, glassine, stirring sticks, napkins, paper doilies for cups.

I Eat Vienna Streetfood, Vienna

Serving the most popular delicacies in Viennese cuisine, I eat Vienna takes to the streets. And we’ve got their back. Because anyone who enjoys classics such as backhendl (fried chicken), tafelspitz (boiled beef) or zwiebelrostbraten (roast beef and onions in gravy) will also enjoy the take-away solutions we’ve developed together with this up-and-coming company.

Project: Flag party-picks, food trays, kitchen rolls, garbage bags, noodle boxes, napkins, vacuum bags.

Kremslehner Hotels, Vienna

The Kremslehner Group combines four beautiful, traditional hotels in Vienna under a single roof. Hotel Regina, Hotel Royal, Hotel Graben Wien and Hotel Johann Strauß have been run by one family for four generations and display their exquisite taste in everything—including the selection of their suppliers.

Project: Chafing fuels, cupcake liners, household boxes, fine paper tote-bags, garbage bags, nitrile gloves, pallet wrapping foils, paper towels, paper tote-bags, cleaning-cloth rolls, napkins, cake boards, cake doilies, vacuum bags.

Groissböck Café & Konditorei, Vienna

What do culinary delights and the paper roll shown above have in common? Both are almost endless. Admittedly, making the best doughnuts in town is perhaps the greater achievement. Nevertheless, we are very proud to be able to contribute a small part to the success of this traditional company as a long-standing partner.

Project: Aluminium foils, cellophane bags, take-away coffee cups, EDO strips, cling wrap, cupcake liners, pastry bags, tempered-glass foils, adhesive tapes, menu trays, paper plates, artificial parchment, parchment, foam cups, napkins, paper doilies for cups, cake boards, cake doilies, tote bags, vacuum bags.

Fleischhauerei Hofmann, Weinviertel

At Fleischhauerei Hofmann—a butcher’s shop in Austria’s Weinviertel region—quality reigns supreme. This starts with the well-being of the animals and the sensitivity of the farmer and obviously ends with the selection of the right partner when it comes to packaging and hygiene products. And we think that’s an excellent approach for several reasons!

Project: Gourmet-food cups, meat wrapping paper, pastry bags, non-woven PP tote-bags, pallet wrapping foils, paper tote-bags, cleaning-cloth rolls, napkins, tote bags made from 100% biodegradable and compostable material according to UNI EN 13432:2002 standard, non-stick paper for cold cuts.

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